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Our projects are as diverse as the needs we see around us. For those who are suffering, life presents many challenges. It seems that just when a need is felt, people come forward to fill it.
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Our Vision: Igniting Hope and Unstoppable Brilliance
• Positively impacting children and their families
• Eradicating poverty
• Easing suffering for those who are traumatized by severe life challenges
• Empowering and motivating people to self-sufficiency and sustainability

We believe that each person can make a difference, no matter how small or large a job may be. Each person has the power to give and inspire.

Putting the Vision into Practice
Supporting Jubilee Children's Center in Kenya
(Learn more about this program.)
We continue to expand and enrich our wonderful school and living facility near Nairobi, Kenya, which houses over 150 kids. The smiling kids you see on these pages were rescued from the slums, and now look forward to a bright, healthy future. Our goals at Jubilee are:
  • To support 800 - 1000 children at our Jubilee Children's Center, in both primary and secondary schools
  • To contine raising money for projects through Child Of Destiny and our partnerships with likeminded supporters
  • Get abandoned and parentless children out of the slums of Nairobi and rural Kenya, and into Jubilee Children's Center
  • Provide a safe, Christian environment in which the rescued children can grow and thrive
  • Provide the children with housing, staff, schools, medical attention, church, food, and clothing
  • Ensure that each AIDS-orphaned child's future is secured
Improving Living Conditions
We promote improved living conditions for those suffering from a lack of basic needs: food, housing, and most especially, water. We also assist those who suffer with disease and chemical dependency which has become prevalent among those who are incarcerated or otherwise marginalized.

Support Kenyan Women Through WIPE (Women in Pursuit of Empowerment)
(Learn more about this program.)
We pioneer low-cost micro-loan strategies to create a new future for women in the Kenyan slums. What is critical to human progress is vision -- seeing a future that can be achieved and is worth achieving. We call forth disadvantaged Kenyan women to a sustainable future in which they have the opportunity to live healthy and productive lives.
The goals of WIPE are:
  • To buy a building in the Korogocho slum where we will train the women in tie-dye, beading, sewing, healthy cooking, crochet, etc.
  • To build a food center for orphaned children
  • Administer medicine to the HIV/AIDS victims in the neighborhood
  • Create a center for educating the slum dwellers on prevention of HIV/AIDS Provide school and day-care for children who are already infected with HIV

Avenues for Advancing Our Goals
  • Charity and Fundraising
  • Education
  • Coordinating Volunteers - providing and coordinating short- and long-term opportunities for volunteers to directly impact the quality of life of those who are suffering.
  • Mobilizing and Collaborating Teams - communication, team efforts, and conferences between individuals and organizations who are doing similar projects.
  • Community Empowerment Projects - organizaing community efforts to uplift people, utilizing a positive strengths-based approach. Fostering talents, creativity, and the human potential to give, teach, and share what we have learned with others. We believe that this is a key to community development and sustainability.
  • Impact Teams - support and help mobilize the formation of various "CODE - IT" teams (Child Of Destiny- Impact Teams) throughout the United States and internationally. The CODE - IT are "Ignition" teams, groups of 10-20 humanitarian volunteers who uplift and put into action the ideals of CODE. Each team can choose to champion and work on CODE projects mindful of the CODE values of serving others with Christ's love and compassion.
Our founder AlyceJo gives a bag of rice to a mother and her grinning toddler
Our Mission: Serving children and families worldwide who are suffering from losses, disasters and tragedies. Motivating others to make a difference. Instilling the belief that each one of us has the power to give to our communities and the world.
Two smiling schoolgirls
A motivated volunteer helps a girl in a sack race
AlyceJo talks to a group of construction volunteers at Jubilee Children's Center
We are up to the challenge.
Against the broader backdrop of poverty, we at Child Of Destiny recognize the challenges we face as a non-profit institution to confront the focal issues facing children. They are principally:
  • The devastating HIV/AIDS pandemic, which is indiscriminate and spares no economic class or ethnicity
  • Violence and abuse of children
  • Marginalization and inequality for orphaned children and youth
  • Unemployment and crime which subject children and their families to poverty and violence.
Since 2003, Child of Destiny continues a tradition of caring for vulnerable people who come from traumatized, abusive, and inhumane situations. What make this possible is the generosity and loving spirit of our partners, donors, and volunteers from around the world.

To continue in our mission to break the cycle of poverty and despondency, we need your help.

This little guy deserves basic human dignity.
Video About Conditions in Kenya
Please be aware that this video has some disturbing images of the reality of life in Kenya for many disadvantaged people.