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Jubilee Children's Center near Nairobi, Kenya, is our flagship effort. Young lives have been changed dramatically, snatched from poverty and slums and nestled in a peaceful place for learning and living ... and remembering how to just be a kid!
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150+ Kids Call Jubilee Children's Center Home
In 2001, founders Joe and Alyce bought 20 acres of land to build a school and orphanage near Nairobi, Kenya.

The Center now has a 10-classroom primary school, a high school, an administration center, a kitchen, a medical dispensary, a multi-purpose hall, a 300-ft well, and two dorms.

Changes are always occurring at JCC as we expand for more students and more activities. We are currently building dorms for the high school, science labs, and a guest house for volunteers and visitors.

Our goals at Jubilee are:
  • To support 800 - 1000 children at our Jubilee Children's Center, in both primary and secondary schools
  • To contine raising money for projects through Child Of Destiny and our partnerships with likeminded supporters
  • Get abandoned and parentless children out of the slums of Nairobi and rural Kenya, and into Jubilee Children's Center
  • Provide a safe, Christian environment in which the rescued children can grow and thrive
  • Provide the children with housing, staff, schools, medical attention, church, food, and clothing
  • Ensure that each AIDS-orphaned child's future is secured

Latest Updates
During our Spring 2009 trip to Kenya, a group of volunteers from the Carolinas and California completed Phase 1 of the High School. This consists of ten classrooms for Grades 9 and 10, which are currently also doubling as dormitories during construction. The classrooms were plastered and painted, and electricity and plumbing fittings and fixtures were installed.

We also completed the third floor of our new Guest House, which will allow volunteers to stay on campus, avoiding the extra cost of hotels and inefficient time spent traveling to and from the hotel (two hours one way).

For the latest progress in new construction at JCC, have a look at our Projects page.
A wide view of Jubilee Children's Center buildings with some graceful small trees
Our kids learn and live in a peaceful setting, surrounded by the wide blue sky and the open fields.

Farming fresh vegetables for the kids and staff at JCC
The farm at JCC provides fresh vegetables and fruits for the kids and staff.

New construction is always going on
New construction projects like this high school building are always underway.

Beautiful buildings are an inspiration
Junmarcyn Academy and Dorms

Your donations go to constructing buildings like these
Good Shepherd Administration Center

Volunteers are the foundation on which we build
Plastering the new Library