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Custom Web Design
Why do you have a cookie-cutter website? Say it with me: "I am not a cookie."

Let's make a website that shows off the special mojo that makes your business outstanding. This is what we do!

So to show off our special mojo ... Let's take an imaginary construction company as an example. We'll call it "Patio Joe's."
  • Patio Joe's specializes in patios, and they've been setting up outdoor living spaces since Dad got his first apron.
  • The website will feature glowing testimonials, because building a patio involves a high level of trust.
  • Before-and-after photos will be the best way to show off the work Patio Joe's does, and help potential customers get a sense of their style.
  • They're a family business, so we'll give customers the story of the family, starting with old Grandpa Joe. Stories are great ways to really connect with people!

Those are just some ideas for one fictional company, but you can see how we design something unique to capture the essence of a business's greatness. There's nothing cookie-cutter about that!