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Videography Services
Our video services are simple but effective.
We combine an eye for artistry with our technological edge to create one-of-a-kind videos.
We specialize in online commercials, vlogs, weddings, website enhancement videos, and promotional shorts.

Our skills include:
Original concepts
Adjusting color
Adjusting sound
Sound effects
Web uploads
Business Videos
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Wedding Videos
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Customer Testimonials

"Let me first share with you that the training videos were a HUGE hit with our 22 Board members, 5 Insurance members, and our 1 Legal member. They all felt they were very professional, watchable, and appreciated the subtle humor. Job well done!"

Jeff Roberts, California Rental Association

"Quick, friendly, and professional. HI delivered exactly what was requested in the promised time frame. Thanks!"

Jud Stevens, Neon Controls

"You had the insight to make my videos fun, informative, and professional with high-end quality. Now that I have four videos I am very satisfied that you and Steve achieved 100% of my wishes.

Your advice and suggestions helped me with improving the message I was trying to get across to the viewers. I am continually amazed by the finished product - it is better than I could ever imagine. The insight you both have with regard to editing and music selection is right in line with what the video is conveying, and that gets me and my audience excited watching the video.

The music and editing with overlays in the video were amazing. You both are very talented and I am continually encouraged to work with both of you on my next featured video because the result is a first-class product. I have also seen a growth with both you from when we started last year. That excites me that your progress is demonstrated in the quality of your work which has always been top notch.

I would recommend you because I'm excited to share the work you performed for me. I know there will be others who will want the same for their business as well.

I give you both a standing ovation, and I am so pleased to be in business with you."

Dave Powers, Homebridge Financial Services, Inc.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all you've done! You have been so kind and open to both good and bad ideas and inviting me in to your creative journey. I really appreciate it. You are truly the best."

Patricia Sarris, A Party Center

"Your work is exceptional! Just beautiful! Wonderful. I'm very pleased! Call me so I can say more."

Celeste Palmer, Bridging the Gap

"I was pleased with the way you and Steve already had a vision of what would be a good theme, and the idea was so unique. I have gotten so many compliments on the video since putting it on my website, In fact I believe that the video was a direct reason why I have gotten a couple of new accounts in the last few months. These clients found us on Google and watched the video clip, Both said the video was catchy and made them want to call me.

I can't say enough about Julie and Steve and how easy they made me feel when we got together to do the video, Their humor and expertise in presenting the idea was awesome. I couldn't ask for a better job. Thanks so much!!"

Denise Lutz, Von Lutz Commercial Cleaning

"Thank you so much for doing such a great job with our videos. From the in-home guitar sessions, to the botanical background shots, to the live performances at Bobby A's and at the Taste of IE, you went above and beyond to get the job done. Despite the unique challenges of syncing the (live musical performance) audio with the video you overcame all obstacles and delivered a polished, professional product.

I heartily recommend your services to anyone. Technical service providers may be a dime a dozen, but personalized, can-do, we can overcome any challenge, service with a smile such as you provide is truly rare. You guys are the best. Thank you!"

Clark Atterbury, Club Harv

"I wanted to thank you guys immensely for the great job you did on producing my office videos. I am so proud of them. My patients and friends whom I showed them to were most impressed. The fact that I now have a You Tube Channel and that these videos appear on the landing page of my website also impresses the search engines.

You guys were most creative in the shooting of the videos (particularly that Julie was interviewing me). The sound, lighting and editing were of a most professional nature. You made it very easy for me to have these uploaded to my website. I could now share these with my patients in the office which helps establish increased credibility for the office.

Also, I thought your fees were most reasonable. The time you spent in the office and your editing of the material outside of the office, I know, took quite a long time.

I am looking forward over the next several weeks in shooting a video of my new office. With that said, I would be glad to recommend your service to anyone. Thanks again, for a great job.

Bob Rothbard, O.D.

"Video! I had never even considered doing a video for my business. First of all, I'm a bit camera-shy. Second, what could I say that would hold anyone's interest? And third, what could you show about massage that would be acceptable for the internet filters?

Well, Steve and Julie held my hand (figuratively speaking) and showed me just how easy the process could be. Steve with his pin-point focused plan and his directorial ways turned on his camera; told me Julie is there for me, and said ' the camera is rolling, just talk about your love of massage'. The playful interaction with the both of them made the process easy.

Now, when I'm at an event or around a group of people and someone asks what my massages are like, or what can they do about their cousin's injury - who by the way lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, I simply hand them a card with my website address and say, "view the video, it might help." My clients use my videos for their ongoing therapy as well.

Mikal Myers, Balanced Therapies