March Field Airfest - Thunder Over the Empire
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Thank You to all who participated in our 2012 Airfest!
Our 2012 Airfest was a thundering success, with so many great performances, stunning aircraft, and thousands of happy visitors. Thank you to all who donated and participated to make this airfest a triumph!

2012 Airfest Highlights
U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds - Cheer for America's Ambassadors in Blue as they showcase the Pride and Precision of today's Air Force!
Parachute Team - Stars and Stripes Flag Drop and National Anthem
Robosaurus - Brace yourself to meet the ferocious spectacle that is Robosaurus: the 30-ton, fire-breathing, transforming T-Rex that eats cars and planes for an afternoon snack.
F-86 "Sabrejet" Demo - Marvel at this beautiful and historic transonic jet fighter.
KC-135 Stratotanker Flyby by 336th Air Refueling Squardron, March Air Reserve Base - This incredible aerial refueling aircraft is quite a sight!
John Collver in the SNJ-5 "Wardog" races Tim Decker in his Pitts S-2B Jet Car
Patriots Jet Team Demo - Don't miss this Civilian Jet Aerobatic Team with their signature "Tail Slide" backwards sliding maneuver!
Rob Harrison "Tumbling Bear" in a ZLIN-50 - Watch Rob tumble amid puffs of white smoke in his specially built yellow monoplane.
AV-8 Marine Harrier Demo - Enjoy the Harrier's vertical takeoff and landing made possible by the Pegasus Turbofan.
Jon Melby and his Pitts S-1-11B Demo - High-Energy Aerobatics in this Muscle Biplane!
Trainer Parade and Ace Maker Airshows with Greg Colver and his T-33 - Nicknamed "Shooting Star" and "T-Bird," the wingtip tanks give this fighter jet its distinctive look.
Matt Chapman in his Embry-Riddle Eagle 580 - Excellence, expertise, expanding the envelope!
Tanker 910 and C-130 Fire Attack Air Water Drops - That's a lot of water!
Tim Weber in his Geico MXS2
C-17 Globemaster III Air Demonstration by 729 Airlift Squadron, March Air Reserve Base - This Medevac and air drop transport workhorse has been a symbol of freedom, hope, and in some cases survival for soldiers around the world.
US Navy F-18 Hornet Air Demonstration by Lt Brandon Boggs from VFA-125, NAS Lemoore, CA and Legacy Flight with F-18 Hornet and and F-6F Hellcat - With history dating back to Pearl Harbor, the Hellcat's distinctive silhouette recalls days gone by. The F-18 Hornet's sharp looks are just part of the charm of this supersonic fighter.
VIP Event the night before - Starring the fabulous 80s tribute band, 80'z All-Stars!
Thunderbirds in formation


80'z All-Stars Band

Tumbling Bear


Kids enjoying Airfest

The histories of March Field and Southern California have been intertwined for nearly a century. Anticipating the need to build up military forces prior to America's entry into World War I, the Army directed officers stationed in the Los Angeles area to survey Riverside's Alessandro plain for suitability as a flying training field (a two-day trip by horseback) in late 1917. The base first opened its gates in March 1918, making it one of the three oldest installations in the Air Force today, along with Randolph AFB in Texas and Langley AFB in Virginia.
The March Aviation Society is a private, nonprofit organization, 501(c)(3) #27-4745509. It is not a part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no governmental status.