History of the Herman Stone, M.D. Medical Library

Before retiring in January 1991, Dr. Herman Stone had practiced medicine in Riverside for 41 years. Near the end of his career he had a dream to offer his community a place to find answers to some of their own health and medicine questions – a medical library for the general public. He pitched the idea to Riverside Medical Clinic Foundation in September 1991, and the Board unanimously approved the project. A year later, the Library was in full operation with Dr. Stone serving as director along with one volunteer to help him staff it. The Patient’s Information Library was first housed in a second-floor storeroom closet at Riverside Medical Clinic, was later moved to an unused lab room, and in 1996 moved to a larger location on the main floor of the Clinic, its current location.

Without the determination of Dr. Stone, the Patients’ Information Library, later renamed the Herman Stone, M.D. Medical Library, would not be what it is today. Using his own furniture and books, along with other donated materials, Dr. Stone established the area’s only medical library open to the public. From its small beginnings, the Library now boasts an impressive selection of medical books, journals, newsletters, pamphlets, brochures, and other reference materials. Dr. Stone continued to serve as the director, and until late 2004 volunteered in the Library on a regular bi-weekly basis. He passed away in April 2006, but Dr. Stone’s dream of a medical library to help the community became a reality, and his legacy will continue to thrive.

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